How We Help Families With Transitioning Seniors

How We Help Families With Transitioning Seniors

By Mark Viergutz & the ALC Staff
Assisted Living Connections

Families With Transitioning Seniors
We previously wrote about noticing changes in your parents over the holidays. In summary, it became clear your mom or dad may not be safe without some kind of assistance and care on a regular basis. What kind of assistance? How much will it cost?

Identifying The Problems
At some point, most adult children confront this problem with their aging parents. If you have not made plans or spoken with your parents, you may need to find the answers to a lot of questions. This time of transition will present you with several hurdles to overcome, including some difficult emotions and stress. As in many life situations, confronting this issue sooner can give you more options.

What if one or both of your parents are reluctant to confront the changes that will have to take place? What if you have a sibling or a relative who does not agree with your assessment of your parents’ needs? Family dynamics make a challenging situation even more daunting and difficult.

Reaching Out For Help
Assisted Living Connections deals with these situations on a daily basis seven days a week. The process usually begins with a call from a family member wanting information or too often desperate for a solution. We immediately return phone calls, listen attentively and provide guidance, support, and resources to find the best solution. We provide a counselor to assist you in what can be an uncomfortable conversation with your parents or siblings. Our services are completely free.

During this initial phone call we conduct an in-depth assessment to evaluate you or your loved one’s physical and psychological profile. We ask about specific care needs, lifestyle considerations, and available resources. Once completed, the assessment becomes a roadmap leading to the appropriate levels of home care, assisted living or memory care.

Determining the Level of Care and Community
Once the appropriate care options are established, we contact the communities or care providers to find out who has openings and can work within the budget. A list of suitable and available options will be sent to you to visit and tour. When possible, Assisted Living Connections will accompany you to support you on the tour.

It is always up to you and your loved ones to make the final decision. We will remain available to answer questions and address concerns. Even after the move, we will always be available to you for as long as needed.

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