Senior Resources Directory

Senior Resources Directory

This Senior Resources Directory is a guide to help seniors and their families locate important information on services available in Ventura and west Los Angeles Counties.

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If you would like to find out more information or to get referrals,
Please give Assisted Living Connections a call: (888) 880-1811

(Click on each resource page listed below to be taken to them.)

Assisted Living Waiver Program

Ventura County Veterans Services

Emergency Health Information

Federal, State, and County Programs For Seniors

Health Support Services

Limited Free Legal Advice and Services

Low Income Housing for Seniors

IHSS In-Home Support Services

Senior Centers and Adult Daycare

Ventura County Skilled Nursing Facilities

Ventura County Caregiving Support Groups

Ventura County Hospitals

Disclaimer: Assisted Living Connections assumes no responsibility for the inclusion or exclusion of any person, organization or business herein. While Assisted Living Connections has endeavored to provide accurate contact information for each person, organization, and business listed herein Assisted Living Connections is not responsible for any typographical errors or incorrect information.

In the event of an emergency, it is strongly suggested that you call 911.