Scam and Fraud Alerts: Tips to Help Seniors!

Scam and Fraud Alerts: Tips to Help Seniors!

By Zane Widdes
Co-Owner of Senior Real Estate Advantage – Transition Planning

Seniors are often the targets of scam and fraud
Recently, I received a call from a friend. She heard our company Senior Real Estate Advantage offered monitoring to Seniors. She asked what that meant. She was asking for a friend. I explained “As a Free service… we offer monitoring and periodically check the title to your real estate holdings, just like you check your credit reports.”

I offered to demonstrate on their property. I researched their property and found a $500,000 home equity line of credit recorded against their home. I found that odd as she and her real estate attorney husband are old-fashioned and may consider that high risk. She was unaware of the home equity line of credit and asked me to call her husband. He was surprised to hear about my findings. Looking deeper at the documents I found that the last two digits of their address were transposed. The loan should have been recorded against their neighbor’s property. This was human error, however, an excellent example of why your property should be monitored. Another equally telling story. We found a quit claim deed recorded against the owner’s property by a tenant to a third-party.

At Senior Real Estate Advantage, we know that there are many different methods of “scamming” someone out of their personal possessions, including their own homes. Later in life, the last thing someone should be concerned about is being taken advantage of. We are here to address these concerns as well as share any resources with you that might be beneficial. Please feel free to browse our links regarding scams and fraud, specifically in the Real Estate industry at: Senior Real Estate Advantage.

Senior Real Estate Advantage is a person-centered service company and that translate to an Individual Real-Care Plan. ‘Personal rather than universal’. The Individual Real-Care Plan starts with the No-Obligation Home Visit. Senior Real Estate Advantage Consultants work closely with 55+ clients and their families to help determine their goals and needs. It might mean a contractor adapting a home so the client can age in place and it could mean a recommendation to a resource partner for housing solutions, estate planning, reverse mortgages, trusts & wills and of course Senior Real Estate Specialists if needed.

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