Assisted Living Connections frequently receives glowing testimonials from the people we have helped

Dear Kelila,

At a time when you are exploring possible living arrangements as you get older, there are so many unknowns to face and may get coupled with the stress that  can pop up. That is why we want to thank you so very much for guiding us with your considerable knowledge about various options that exit, your compassionate and caring way you shared our visits to the many places we looked at. We are happily settled in now thanks to your service. We are so grateful that several of our friends referred you to us.

  E and R


Kelila was recommended to me by a non-profit agency and I am so grateful for her help! My 95 year old Mother needed to make decisions and she gave me exactly the right advice. I cannot tell you how much she aided us and the outcome was perfect. If you want to know what to do about caring for a loved one and senior support services she is definitely an expert in her field. Start with her. If you don’t believe me read the rest of these Yelp reviews on this page – they are all 5 star – and she deserves it!

~ Barbara B.
   Thousand Oaks


The decision to place a beloved family member in assisted living is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences imaginable. It is daunting to the point, that it is VERY easy to procrastinate, and let circumstances and necessity drive the ultimate decision. That ultimately makes the choice even harder.

It doesn’t have to be that way. My wife and I went through a long period of worry and indecision. And then we were referred to Kelila at ALC. It was a Godsend. When facing these types of choices, having a “pathfinder” is simply invaluable. We were shown a variety of options. All our questions were quickly and directly answered, and we found a place that fit the needs of our family member, and brought us comfort in the knowledge that she was being cared for at a far greater level than we could personally provide. If you are facing this kind of situation, please don’t “go it alone.” Seek the help of a professional, and in our opinion, you can’t find a better provider than Kelila and her partner at Assisted Living Connections.

~ Wendell Phillips
   Malibu, CA


I cannot speak highly enough or offer enough praise for the warm and caring service Kelila provided when I needed to find a board and care home for my husband. She expertly knew the different facilities and provided a match for our budget and needs. I am so grateful to have had Kelila assist me with this difficult process with compassion and expertise. I cannot say enough about what she provides to families faced with care needs for loved ones.

~ Karen W.


Tami has been a big help guiding me through a minefield of information. Having to move my mother quickly from one facility to another has been a challenge in that we are on a pretty tight budget and have location restraints. Tami was helpful in negotiating for me at the one facility that we all agreed on, and things have moved along very fast since our first conversation.
Very handy to have someone to bounce concerns off of!

~ Cindy N.


I wish I could give ten stars! Kelila took great care and time to understand my mother’s needs, preferences, budget, and future needs. She then made a recommendation that was spot on! She took us to her recommended care facility, gave us a tour, introduced us to the team of caregivers and advised us along the way. Moving my mom couldn’t have gone smoother! My mom has never been happier!  I completely trust Assisted Living Connections! It’s refreshing to work with professionals who really care. I can’t recommend them enough. They are so well versed and connected that they can speak freely about amenities, pricing, ownership and more off the cuff and can help you compare your options!

~ Aaron P.


Kelila was so helpful and even more knowledgeable. Her solid professionalism and caring heart assisted us through the process of placing Mary’s Mother in a delightful assisted living facility. She helped us find one that literally at the last moment required an outrageous fee for observation. Upon calling Kelila, desperate, she calmly found another facility that was even more appropriate. We could not have done this without her assistance and exceedingly broad knowledge that helped us over several bumps. Kelila will make an exceedingly difficult process go as smoothly as possible. Call and make the connection, it will be your best move. Don’t try this alone, it is too difficult and time consuming. Did we mention the service is Free! A true professional and free, what more could you want?

~ BradnMary F.


Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Kelila and Assisted Living Connections. My husband & I have been caretakers to his parents for 12 years and have now been faced with the transition of moving them into a care facility. The guilt and emotion is all consuming.  Kelila could hear the stress in our voices and felt the pain in our hearts.  She continued to take the time to check in on us while assisting us in our search for a facility that had Memory Care for Mom and Assisted Living for Dad. This has to be one of the most challenging moments in a family’s life and we are so fortunate that Kelila was by our side.

~ Jeannie F.


Kelila guided my husband and I through the emotional journey of placing my father-in-law Ken in a board and care home. We all have heard horror stories about these places: smelly, filthy, uncaring, understaffed facilities that you wouldn’t want to leave your dog in! With the caring aid of Assisted Living Connections (and specifically Kelila) we were able to choose from several pre-screened facilities that were perfectly suited to Ken’s specific needs. We wouldn’t hesitate to refer Kelila to anyone beginning the same process. She is a caring and supportive professional.

~ Pam Smith


Thanks to you for the very important role you played in placing our mother at Golden Acres last month. I can only attempt to express our appreciation for your willingness to take the time to understand our needs and/or the difficulties we were facing in coming to a placement decision. In addition, you so readily found and recommended Golden Acres, a loving/caring home which has already come to be a “safe haven” for our mother with TLC Hospice providing only positive feedback regarding their visits with her there.

Again, thank you for your knowledge and assistance during a difficult time in our lives which appears to have resulted in an extremely positive placement.

~ Patricia M.



I guess you heard that from the minute my father walked in the door, he was in love with the house and the owner. They were speaking Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian and dancing the Samba together!…and although I still have a heavy heart, I know he will be so much better off there.

~ Susan W.


I would like to thank you for the recommendation of the Assisted Living home for my father. Her father was absolutely pleased with the owners and the caregivers. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to them for caring for my father the way they did. They are professional, exceptionally kind, loving, and caring people. They were with my father and our family until the last moment of his life. God bless you for helping us find such a special home and caring people for our father. I cannot thank you enough…

~ Warmest regards,
   Cecilia Rebolledo


Hi Kelila,

It is always a pleasure to see your smiling face as mine has been smiling since you introduced me to Grand Oaks. I appreciate the kindness, consideration, and knowledge you showed us in viewing the various venues. I also appreciate the helping hands you gave us in moving.

~ Thanks again,
   Howard Wasserman


As I’m sure it is for all families, it was a very difficult decision to move my father out of his own home and into another. Due to his declining physical and mental abilities, we thought the time had finally come to do so, but really had no idea of where to start. From the beginning that we started working with Tami and Kelila, we knew that we would be well taken care of. It was greatly reassuring to be given leads on pre-screened homes that met your high standards. You listened to our special requirements (e.g., a home with a nice garden so that my father, a landscape architect, could enjoy the outdoor plants) and made appropriate recommendations. It was also reassuring when Kelila came with us to view some of the homes, so that she could ask some of the important questions that we didn’t know to ask.

We also appreciated the services of Angie Becerra, who was able to provide counseling support for me and my stepmother. It is of course very difficult to break the news to a loved one that they have to move out of their own home, and Angie gave us the tools to approach this conversation in the right manner. Finally, even though my father is now settled into his new residence for three weeks now, I feel that I can still rely on you and Assisted Living Connections to provide support going forward. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you require additional information. My work number is (805) 277-6787, and my cell phone number is (805) 559-5968.

~ Sincerely,
   Larry Smith


Hi Tami,

The move went as smoothly as possible (there were bumps, but relatively speaking, it went very well) and we would have never been able to do it without Angie’s expertise and intervention.

~ Dave Reynolds

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